Thermal Fogging Machine


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Thermal Fogging Machine

This machine is used to disinfect and sterilize any surface area killing all kinds of bacteria also used for pest control

Material: Stainless steel
Spray Volume: 130L of water per hour.
Medicine box capacity: 15L

Mailbox capacity: 2L
Ignition of power: 12V rechargeable battery
Power: 92# and above gasoline
Fuel consumption: 3.5L per hour
Service life: more than 10 years.
Carton size:47*12*15

Spray volume: 120L water per hour
Ignition power: 12V rechargeable
box capacity: 15LPower: 92 # and above gasoline
Fuel consumption: 3.6L per
hourService life: more than 10 year
1.The machine is widely used in greenhouse, agriculture, forestry, orchards, grasslands, urban environment protection open-air crop fertilization and
disinfection .as greenhouses,fruit trees, cotton,rice,wheat , tea, citrus and other crops.

2. Insecticidal, sterilization, can be used for Insecticidal forest trees quick effect, good effect is seen.
3. The preferred insecticidal tool for forest insecticides. It can also be used for sanitation, epidemic prevention and disinfection, such as in urban areas.
4. Disinfection and extermination of underpass, garbage dump, toilet warehouse, station, wharf, airport
5. One-button startup, simple operation, time saving ,labor saving ,water saving , and medicine saving
Raise temperature, prevents frost; long range, wide coverage, high penetration.

6. It has strong adhesion, drug aerosols are fine and float in the air for a long time causing drugs to affect crops

7. It plays a dual role of fumigation and touch killing drug efficacy can be brought into full play to kill all aspects.