12V Portable 4 in 1 Automotive Assistant View larger

12V Portable 4 in 1 Automotive Assistant

Jump Starter - Air Compressor - Built-in Emergency Torch / work light - 12V Power Socket

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Very reliable engine starter and power pack tool that can easily be kept safely in your car boot, just in case of an unexpected emergency. Ideal for vans and cars alike.

This tool will be very handy, especially during those cold winter nights when the battery charger can often let us down. This power pack will easily charge your battery without the need of another vehicle or jump leads.


4 important features combined into one piece of equipment:

1. Jump Starter:

This 12V DC portable charger can jump start any vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, even boats.

No need for assistance through another vehicle's power supply or jump leads.

2. Air Compressor:

260 PSI air compressor will become handy to inflate car tires, all sorts of inflatables including footballs.

3. Built-in Emergency Torch / work light:

Once in a while, you would probably need emergency lights in the middle of nowhere, the built-in work light will be very practical in your hour of need.

4. 12V Power Socket:

This device will provide power supply to all sorts of appliances that use cigarette lighter sockets. It has overload protection feature.


Rubber insulated heavy duty 400amp booster clamp

Built-in emergency work light or torch

Heavy Duty impact resistant case

Charging level, battery condition meter

400amp heavy duty impact resistant case

400amps starting

Long cables for easy convection

260 PSI air compressor

12 volt DC output socket and Lead

12 volt DC portable rechargeable power supply and battery booster

Carry Handle.

CE Approved


The power station can provide up to 30 hours of portable DC power. This tool can be rechargeable through a 3pin plug (240V) or 12V cigarette lighter plug. BOTH plugs/ adaptors are included inside the pack.



Charge the jump starter for no more than 12 hours before using for the first time.

You have to charge the jump starter after every use.