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Maize/ Corn Thresher


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It is mainly used to thresh the dried maize ,good performance with less breakage of maize cobs.

it is very efficient having a 1600rpm and can produce up to 2000kg/hr, it uses gasoline petrol engine of 6.5hp and it is highly durable...

It separates the niblet(corn seeds) from cobs (corn stick) at high speed without any breakage of the niblet as well as cobs.
This is a beautifully designed gasoline-driven machine for threshing corn of various sizes from its cob.
It is easy to operate. When corn with the cob is put inside the machine, it rotates around the roller which helps to extrude the corn from the cob. The extruded corn is simultaneously discharged through the outlet. This reduces labour, cost and time wasted in extruding the corn manually. The machine is suitable for home, farm and industrial use. With this machine, maize farmers are not perturbed with the threshing of the corn after harvest. This machine is regarded as maize farmers best friend
This machine has added advantage that it does not depend on electricity to operate. It can also be carried inside the farm where there is no electricity for easy operation thereby saving the cost of transportation.