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Machine Polisher gives enthusiast and amatuer detailers an easy way to massively beat hand polishing results. The affordable and low risk dual action machine polishers moves around a fixed point as the polishing head spins. This means that friction/heat is massively reduced when compared to a rotary which spins constantly on the same spot and generates a lot of friction/heat. This safer action however does limit the amount of work achievable and the time it takes, this is why generally rotaries are preferred by daily detailers. Dual action polishers are ideal for enthusiasts who want to be able to safely correct their paint without the fear of inflicting further damage. It also represents a great way to self-learn machine polishing techniques in practice before stepping up machines.


  • Standard 220V Plug with heavy duty 3M Cable
  • 500W motor
  • 6 Speed Dial 2500-6500 OPM
  • Removable side handle
  • 125mm backing plate
  • Weight 2.6kg