A-12 Digital Platform Scale - 500KG


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Highly accurate and precise sensors
Capacity to store up to 7 unit prices
Weight, unit price, total price LED display
Stainless Steel top
Runs on built-in 4V rechargeable battery or AC power
40 hours continuous use from a single charge
Waterproof and oil proof keyboard
Extra large stainless stain platform
Power tare, zero, low battery, Power indicators
Alternating current: 220V AC, 50/60 Hz
Direct current: DC 4V
Power consumption: 10VA
Outside temperature: Storage: -20- 55 degree Celsius, Working: -10-40 degree Celsius
Humidity: Storage: 40% R.H, Working: 80% R.H
Auto-zero tracking: slight shock won't affect zero figures
Capacity: 500kg with 50g Increments
Precision: 1/3000F.S
Display windows: Weight: 5 digits, Unit price: 5 digits, Total Price: 6 digits
Size: 50 x 40 x 80cm
Weight Platform: 50 x 40cm

Platform Digital Scale is an essential tool for accurately measuring the weight of various objects in a wide range of settings. These scales are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, shipping, and food service, where precise measurements are crucial.

In addition to their accuracy, platform digital scales offer several advantages over traditional analog scales. For example, they typically have larger weight capacities, can display measurements in multiple units of measurement, and often come equipped with features like tare functions and counting modes.

Using a platform digital scale can help ensure consistency in product quality and quantity, improve efficiency in packaging and shipping, and prevent errors and losses due to inaccurate measurements. Therefore, investing in a high-quality platform digital scale is a wise decision for any business or individual who needs to weigh objects regularly.