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3000g X 0.01g Digital Lab Weight Scale - Analytical Balance


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High precision electronic balance platform digital scale, weighing scale.
Usage:This digital electronic balance is an intelligent balance composed of high stability sensors and a single chip microcomputer, solves the problems of creep and linearity caused by a resistance strain sensor.
Precision:Measure up to 3000g with the precision of 0.1g
Feature:LCD Digital Display Sustainable weighing, high precision Automatic zero point tracking system function Advanced and unique starting up self inspection function High integrated IC circuit board, high tech level
Function:peeling weight, self correcting, memory, counting, fault display
Advantage:Accurate weighing, fast stability, simple operation and complete function, and is suitable for rapidly determining the quality and quantity of objects in industry, agriculture, commerce, school, scientific research and other units

Capacity: 3000g. Readable: 0.1g high precision electronic balance.

Platform digital scale, weighing scale.

Capacity: 3000g.

Readable: 0.1g.


Using magnetic sensor.

1. Large lcd display with color backlight

2. New style windshield;.

3. High resolving power, fast response, stable performance;.

4. Having counting measure mode;.

5.are all the range;.

6. 8 units selection;.

7.rs-232 connection, connect with computer, printer and other external instruments to output the data;.

8. Ac-dc alternating.