Handheld Medical Grade Infrared Thermometer

Handheld Medical Grade Infrared Thermometer

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Non Contact Handheld Infrared Thermometer. This is High Quality Medical Grade Thermometer, for personal,home and commercial use. It is useful in detecting abnormal human body temperature as well as other biological beings. To use,just insert correctly, two AAA size batteries into provided compartment below the device. Then press the switch/measure button to put device on. Now you wait for the display to enter standby state which shows readiness to take forehead temperature measurements. Below are important features about this device worth noting:

Non-contact infrared measurement, safe to use
Portable, lightweight and easy to carry.
One-key to switch into the measurement mode from standby mode.
Automatic shutdown in 15 seconds when inactive or not used.
LEDs backlight display enables usage at night or poor lit environment. 
Measuring distance for best temperature accuracy is 30mm-50mm form forehead measured.
Automatic storage of measurement data enables you view data of previous measurement.
Fast Speed
Data Memory
High-Temperature Warning
Forehead Measure Position
Physical Measurement