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Weight Loss Sauna Blanket Machine

Weight Loss Sauna Blanket Machine

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Weight Loss Sauna Blanket Machine - FIR Sauna Blanket

Infrared rays makes a direct action to the fat structure; dissolving the fat cell  .Thus, largely decreasing the fat cells and accelerate the circulation of blood and lymph. This promotes cell metabolism

In Shrinking fat, Infrared ray rise the temperature of local tissue ,enlarge the pore,outflow the sweat and moisture of the fat cell . This greatly lessen the volume of fat cells.

lymph detoxin: Heat can enlarge the capillary vessel ,speed blood circulation,metabolism material and thus the dissolved fat enter into the blood, accelerate the lymph circulation and get rid of any toxin .

Operation Tips:

1.Daub the weight losing cream on the body area. Better if you wrap body with the preservative film before using machine for treatment.
2.If the treated area has some injury, properly reduce the temperature to avoid scald.
3.The body parts that have serious blood circulation problem should not be treated using this machine .
4.During treatment,the beautician should carefully observe the response of clients,asking for their feelings. Avoid overheating to scald.


Employs excellent infrared fibre, micro-computer processor, digital control for temperature, LCD screen, easy for temperature adjustment according to body fat situation.

The fat dissolving blanket consists of three parts along with temperature adjustments to completely dissolve excess fat.

View video to see use : https://youtu.be/Ko0Xgc2ZurI