Analog Inverter & Car Battery Tester


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This is hand-held tester  it tests both the battery and charging systems with accuracy.

The 12-Volt battery is one of the most important components of any car. It does everything from start the car to power the audio system. When it works, everything runs smoothly, and when it does not, everything suffers. Worst of all, it can be difficult to tell exactly where the problem lies. A 12-Volt battery tester is a great tool to not only determine whether the problem stems from the battery but also to pinpoint the actual problem. 

This battery testers can tell users the difference between a dead battery and a discharged battery, so they know when to replace it and when to buy a charger.

Battery load tester is used to check the condition of battery whether good or bad,to test if charging system of automobiles is working to rated capacity. It is also use to test if an Inverter battery is good or bad

It suitable for 12v batteries of 10AH-200AH

It is also suitable to measure battery voltage