Solid State Relay - 3-32V DC, Load 40A 380V AC

Solid State Relay - 3-32V DC, Load 40A 380V AC View larger



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Product Features: 
1 - TRIAC output, zero-voltage open, zero current shutdown; 
2 - Optical isolation between the input circuit and the output circuit; 
3 - Input - output of between isolation voltage 2500V; 
4 - 100% load current aging test by the European CE certification, the International ISO9000 certification, domestic 3C certification

Technical parameters:

Product Type: solid state relay 

Control mode: DC control AC (DC-AC) 
Load Current: 40A 
Load voltage :24-380VAC 
Control voltage :3-32VDC 
Control Current: DC :3-25mA 
On-state leakage current: = <2mA 
-State buck: = <1.5VAC 
Off time: = <10mS 
Dielectric Strength: 2500VAC 
Insulation resistance: 500MΩ/500VDC 
Ambient temperature: -30 degrees C - +75 degrees C 
Installation: bolt 
Active On Display :LED 
Weight: 132g

SSR Series solid state relays flame retardant plastics shell, epoxy potting, screw terminal wiring with high structural strength, impact resistance, anti-vibration. The input current is small is only 3-25ma so can easily be used digital program-controlled circuit interface, widely used in the field of petrochemical equipment, food machinery, packaging machinery, textile machinery, CNC machine tools, plastics machinery, fitness equipment, entertainment facilities, automation and control.
Particularly suitable for corrosion, moisture, dust, require explosion-proof harsh environment, and frequent switching of AC loads.